So, Here is the deal. In the past few years I have released multiple projects based on the concept of progression and standing up for what you believe in amongst many other ideas. During this time I have toured and performed at various shows & festivals around the country. Through my journey I have met so many wonderful people that have inspired me to continue on this path. As many of you know I am an unsigned artist and doing all of this independently. Pouring out tons of time, energy into these 100% self funded projects & then typically uploading them for free to streaming platforms that ultimately get the majority of the benefits from mine and many other artists hard work. I’ve decided that in order to level the playing field I will be re- releasing 2 of my projects and my next upcoming project “ Valley of Wires” digitally on my own and those that wish to support can do so right here.


Going forward my projects will only be available here for a limited time and then later uploaded to some streaming platforms. This particular bundle includes some videos and artwork for each project. Supporting this way will help directly fund these projects, tours and more!

The Progression + The Greeen (Digital bundle)

  • All music is in wave or mp3 format.